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Global Entrepreneurship Week China

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) was first started as the Enterprise Week in the UK in 2004. It was an initiative backed by then UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to inspire entrepreneurship.

The event was so successful that it inspired the US to host its own version in 2007. The GEW that ensued was the synthesis and synergy of the two events. 2007 also saw the first GEW China being organised in Shanghai, it was presented by the Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation.

During the GEW, millions of young people around the world participate in local, national and global activities that are designed to help them explore their potential in innovation and business creation. Startups, students, educators, corporations, business leaders, employees, heads of NGO, policymakers, etc., all come together for the activities, not only to inspire young people to innovate, imagine and create, but to take the global entrepreneurship development forward.

“Helpers would take a 30 mins training from our success manager (who are dedicated to make event successful).”

“We want to make events simple.”

“Guests attend the event with their QR code printed or on their mobile phone, our helpers scan them in via EventXtra’s app on iPads.”

The GEW is also a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit. Series of engaging worldwide, interactive activities are organised to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit to take roots across different aspects of the young people’s lives.

By encouraging these young people to actively pursue the knowledge and skills, and develop the networks and values needed to sustain an innovative business, it is believed that they would in turn influence those around them and make a positive impact towards life and society.