Event CRM

All your event data at one place


Real Time Pre, During & Post Event Insights Ensure You Identify Every Opportunity & Create A Continuous Improvement Mechanism For All Your Events.

Better Review

Get Insight

Increase registration rate


Cross Event Report

Manage Multiple Events On A Single Platform & Track Results Seamlessly.

Individual Analytics

Unlock Your Xtra – Track & Analyse Individual Attendee Activeness & Footpoint Accross All Your Events.

Insight Analysis

Summarise Your Event & Provide Real Time Next Gen User Interface Analytics For Improvements & Future Decision Making...

Member Management

Unlock Your Xtra Collecting & Merging All Members Accross Multiple Events Effortlessly.


Send Invites To Targeted Members For Relevant Events Only.

Team Management

Encourage Your Team To Volunteer The Xtra – Invite Collaboration & Set Secure Permnissions For Everyone – Evaluate Your Teams’ Core Competencies.

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