Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • Is your app for registration?

    Yes. EventXtra provide both features. Public guests can register for the event AND invited guests can RSVP to the event.

  • What does your app do?

    EventXtra helps event organizers with their guest check-ins & walk-in on-site registration.

  • What do you mean by registration and RSVP?

    Both refer to event guests. Registration is often used by people in public events where event planners don’t have an existing contacts. RSVP is used for existing invited guests.

  • Does your platform handle purchasing of tickets or payment?

    No. EventXtra currently doesn’t handle transactions but syncs with EventBrite. You may then directly manage the registered attendees under EventXtra platform.

  • Do you provide on-site technical support?

    Yes. It is not included in the packages. On-site technical support is offered in blocks of 4 hours. Each on-site block (4 hrs) is $2400.

  • “I can’t find the EventXtra app”

    Event Organizers can access their account on the web only. Website access can edit all settings. You might have a lot of volunteers or on-site support but don’t want non-employees to see sensitive or guest information. “Checkin” app is used for the day of the event and provides only necessary information for the day-of team for registration.

  • Do you have an “offline” mode if the internet is down?

    Yes. When planning events, especially large events, we know that network connection is sometimes unpredictable. The badges print EVEN if the internet is down. The attendee data, however, doesn’t sync across all devices (iPads) until the internet is back up.

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