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Next Gen MICE Technology

Adopt The Latest Mobile Event Technology At Your Next Convention, Industry Expo Or Professional Trade Show. Our One Stop Solution Takes Care Of Everything From Booth Sales To Ticketing, Promotion And All Interaction Before, During & After The Show. Give Your Buyers & Exhibitors The Best Expo Experience They've Ever Had.

Interactive Mobility Management

Exhibitors Can Maximise ROI By Scanning Attendee Badges At The Booth By Using Our Lead Retrieval App. Simply Customize Your Pre-Set Tags & Take Real Time Notes With Just A Few Clicks.

Maximise Revenue

Our Lead Retrieval App Is A Great Tool For Exhibitors To Maximise Revenue Opportunities. Exhibitors Can Simply Subscribe Lead Retrieval And Install It To Their Smartphones, Creating A Seamless Revenue Maximisation Process Whilst Eliminating Clunky, Outdated Scanning Hardware.

ROI Analytics

Access Seamless Data At Your Fingertips. Capture Every Interaction. Summarise The Big Picture With Accurate Data To Support Real Time Decision Making Before, During & After The Expo.

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